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We are a full-service Social Media Marketing Services In India with years of industry experience that is driven by strategy and creativity. We are pleased to share that, for both our international and domestic clients, we have produced a number influential brand experience.

Best Social Media Marketing Company In India

Understanding your business needs, we being the Best Social Media Marketing Company In India help you to have a foundation for your business that will best serve your brand and customer with maximized quality and online entry points. Lack of good metrics and strategy can act as a barrier to your success, thus we, with our competent resources and strategies have developed an approach that skips the blind experimentation leading to the success of an overall program. Our five-step initiation process that helps you to leverage social media with minimal investment yet confirmed success rate are:

Identify and understand the targeted audience

Understanding the requirement of your audience through surveys, discussion boards and many other different mediums and then creating content that adds spark and value to their area of interest. The first step basically works on the concept of less talking and more listening.

Engage Prospective Customers in conversation

This is an important step that helps you to find happy, satisfied and even unsatisfied customers with whom you can connect more and more to achieve their satisfaction.

Maintaining a balance between quality and quantity of content

How much content? How frequent should the same be published? How to improve the content quality? These “how” are targeted in this step as the more qualitative content published on social media sites would attract more customers towards the brand. Thus, the company employs a dedicated team to post blogs, tweets, photos and even videos to increase sales and customers altogether.

Identify the tools that suite your business and audience both

There are various tools available in the market that helps to bridge the gap between the product and its consumers. Identifying the best matching set can do wonders for all involved in the process. The functionality, purpose and availability of the tools must be well understood beforehand. The most popular tools used these days are-: LinkedIn & Facebook.

Final analysis of the results

After performing so many activities now are the time to analyse the results i.e., the sales and the lead generation through sophisticated tracking codes and analytical packages. The above steps performed by our knowledgeable experts would ensure most spoken life for your product and brand.

What you get with us?

Our objective is to increase your calls, leads and finally SALES through our proficient marketing campaigns.

  • With advanced call reporting and tracking software, and local listings, our assurance is that your phone will not stop ringing with new customers.
  • Increased traffic, enquires and leads means more sales for your business.
  • Apprehend customer data on custom-designed landing pages and save and use these organic leads to drum up your business.
  • Get targeted and relevant traffic to your business website, perfectly optimized for business’s key demographic that helps in generating priceless business intelligence.

Why Choose Us?

Being versed with a wide range of web technologies, our team of professionals is capable of accomplishing each and every requirement of our clients worldwide.

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Social media usage has grown leaps and bounds over the years. To say that the user bases of some social platforms exceed the actual populations of many countries is not an exaggeration. Social media became the most prominent internet marketing platform, opening the door to infinite possibilities. Your business needs a solid SMM strategy now more than ever to use the market situation to your advantage. City Innovates offers the best social media marketing services in India, assisting your business in establishing a solid brand identity online. Our innovative SMM strategies emphasize brand recognition, advertising, audience engagement, and driving sales through various social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.


Today, social media is a crucial component of any successful digital marketing plan. When supporting middle- or bottom-of-funnel activities, many organisations first use social media for top-of-funnel marketing before turning to paid social media advertising.

Social media is fantastic for growing a community of prospects and, at the very least, raising brand awareness. At most, social media can be a significant source of income.

Many companies overlook the need to curate information especially for each channel. Even though cross-posting to Facebook and Instagram may be easy, we advise at the very least customising the descriptions of your posts for each network. The misuse of hashtags across all platforms is another problem we frequently encounter.

Start with one or two of the more sensible ones, and really capitalise on them by publishing regular, excellent content. The eight most important social media platforms you should focus on are -
  • Instagram.
  • YouTube.
  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • TikTok.
  • Pinterest.
  • Snapchat.
  • LinkedIn.