Top 3 Tips to Make Your Content More Effective

Insight | June 30, 2022

‘Content is King.’ Do you need a few masterstrokes to master your content-crusade in this cluttered web of too much information?

Today, a radical increase in Internet users has made it imperative to have rock-solid content on your website and social media. It is one of the essential tools for customer service, retention, and promotion.

Here are 3 tips to help you create compelling content that attracts more customers and builds your brand:

1. Know Thyself & Thy Audience

How well do you know your business and product? Why does your company exist? In what ways does your brand help people? 

These are some of the most daunting questions you have to answer first before creating any content. You might have a hunch about it. But to upgrade your content quality and relevance, you need solid answers and strategies to get ranked on the first page of Google.

Knowing your audience is key to making your content impactful. Knowing how and what they feel about your product, what they’re looking for, and whether your brand is living up to their standards; helps bring more clarity and confident optimism in your content.

There’s no shortage of tools to analyse what your audience wants. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Make use of trusted tools like Google Analytics or Facebook Insights for this.
  • Also, skim through the relevant forums on Quora and Reddit to get hands-on with your audience where you can directly or indirectly ask for feedback.
  • Use the research to understand them, improve your products and deliver compelling content.

2. Straightforward Content Is Effective Content

Although it depends on the nature of the audience, most searches on Google are ‘how-to;’ demanding specific tips and tricks to learn to do something better or faster.

Only a tiny percentage of your target audience will want highly detailed articles written like a science research paper. For them, create comprehensive eBooks and FAQs on their specific problems where your brand’s expertise can counsel with assurance.

Everyone else needs a precise and articulate list of dos and don’ts that clears their confusion about your brand and product. If your brand has earned the authority to express meticulous opinion and advice in your niche, write a book on it and then promote it by writing an easy-to-read article on your website.

Yes, it’s that simple.

3. Innovate And Optimize 

We’ve already established that the internet is full of information. There’s barely anything that hasn’t been mentioned or talked about on the world wide web.

Standing out is the only key to online visibility and better results.

It doesn’t have to be something entirely radical or out of place. It could be a creative version of a known insight presented fascinatingly through a catchy visual or an engaging video, or a new format like an infographic.

You can experiment with all the options you come across to capture the small attention span of millennials, and Gen Z. Find out what type and form of content they are craving in your brand niche.

When you’ve found an eccentric idea that resonates with your audience and differentiates your brand, you need to optimize it.

Connect your entire content into a story or a consistent narrative with the help of keywords, tags, titles, clickable links, hashtags on social media and suggestions on the website.

While creating content, keep in mind that people will consume it because they are looking for an answer, an inspiration, or guidance. And the latest algorithms of Google track precisely this.

If your content can answer, inspire or guide someone through a problem or a pressing question, it’ll rank higher, resulting in more web traffic than anyone else.

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