7 SEO Tips to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

Insight | June 30, 2022

LinkedIn is a social media network for professionals. It has grown to become a business hub full of potent people and great companies. The audiences are sophisticated and crave enriching content and connections alike.

On a platform of over 610 million members, your profile must stand out amongst your field. LinkedIn is a powerful search engine to attract quality traffic and leads for both individuals and companies.

To impact 90-million senior-level influencers for better prospects, you need to elevate the SEO of your LinkedIn profile.

Here are 7 SEO tips to boost the visibility and potential of your LinkedIn profile:

1. Provide All the Details on Your Profile

This is a simple tip but brings accurate results. To get the best and most relevant traffic on LinkedIn, you must fill in all the necessary details such as name, headline, photo, summary, experience, education, volunteering, skills, and religious interests. 

Be descriptive yet precise in the about section and work experiences. This helps LinkedIn to connect you with the most active and talented people in your field.

2. Put The Keywords to Work

Keywords and SEO are almost synonymous. Even though SEO is more than that, keywords play a significant role in increasing search traffic.

Your profile must have the relevant keywords most used in your field for the HR personnel to find you. Conduct keyword research on Google AdWords or other tools to find the top-performing keywords. Then include them in your headline, summary, articles, posts, and different vital sections on display to help your LinkedIn search visibility.

3. Post Helpful Content Consistently

You need to post helpful content frequently to increase your chances of turning up foremost on the LinkedIn search results. Share thoughts, insights, ideas surrounding your profession that could inform, inspire or entertain your connections and audiences.

Regular publishing of good content conduces LinkedIn to spread your posts throughout its vast network within your field. And it improves your profile views and other search metrics immensely.

4. Join And Participate in Relevant Groups

Find out groups and discussions on the platform and become a member. You can join with like-minded people or people with different expertise than you. You will get to learn and juggle with varied knowledge anyway.

But more importantly, this tells LinkedIn what kind of personality you have and what interests you. So, it can connect you with more people like that.

5. Build And Exchange Backlinks Strategically

Similar to any other kind of SEO, building backlinks is paramount to improving your search engine visibility. Write articles and posts about topics related to your field. Then share the links to it on your blog, website, and other social media channels.

You can also include the direct link to your profile in your email signature, resume, business card, website, and social media. Vice versa, share your website blog links on LinkedIn. This will help your website search ranking as LinkedIn has excellent domain authority.

6. Keep Expanding Your Network with Diverse Connections

The general advice is to connect with as many relevant people as possible. It creates 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level relations with the other potential ones, which further helps in connecting with more amazing people as it snowballs.

Also, because LinkedIn’s search engine tracks the number of connections while showing a search result, it increases your visibility to similar others.

7. Give And Receive Endorsements & Recommendations

Endorse your past colleagues and team members. Share intriguing stories and qualities about them as it helps to display your penchant for greatness as well.

Similarly, request them to talk brilliant things about you. It may be somewhat comfortable to ask, but the third person reading those recommendations will find you authentic and competent for the given job.

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