5 Powerful SEO Tips to Boost Your Event’s Visibility

Insight | June 30, 2022

You have successfully established a coveted business with all your passion and dedication, and your product is ready to launch. Or your business has reached stability, but you have more scope for growth.

How can you elevate your brand awareness in this new world full of competition and confusion? How will you stand out from the crowd? 

By organizing a noteworthy event on a trending topic where your brand expertise can provide unique solutions.

And to promote the event, your online presence can make a huge difference. It has immense potential to fill all those seats at the event with its revolutionary reach.

Here are 5 powerful SEO tips to boost your event’s visibility online:

1. Determine Your Target Audience

If you have a solid marketing strategy, you know them already. Although, your marketing team might have narrowed down to customers and buyers as your only target audiences. They are your core audience who consume your product.

But at an event, you might also invite your vendors, industry partners and leaders, as well as the general public. An event acts as a meeting spot for different kinds of people who may directly or indirectly connect with your business.

The aim is to increase brand awareness, build a reputation and position your brand at a special place in people’s minds through your prominent expertise. 

The power of word-of-mouth is all-pervasive, and it creates organic brand publicity that is not forced but conceived genuinely, leading to increased trust in your brand.

You can research and find a brief profile of your audience on relevant Facebook groups, Quora and Reddit forums, meetup communities, etc.  

 After you know your audience types, you can:

  • Use the information to target them on social media.
  • Determine the right platforms to reach your selected audience
  • Choose specific qualities like age, profession, education, hobbies, interests,, while inputting the audiences on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

2. Have An Articulate Landing Page?

A landing page is one of the most necessary accessories while promoting an event online.

Build and design an exceptional landing page, ensuring that all the essentials like title, description, page URL, date-time-venue, ticket info, CTAs (Call-to-action), visuals and other content are in place. 

This is the equivalent of an invitation card of the digital era.

Along with the design and content, ensure that the landing page is visible on the search engines. You can do that by inserting relevant keywords in the site content and creating short and precise URLs that employ or indicate the event title somehow.

This will not only help your search engine ranking but also help people remember your landing page. So that they can share your event with their acquaintances easily and quickly, but refrain from overstuffing keywords in your content to avoid the robots labelling you as fake or duplicate.

3. Create A Campaign That Works for Every Medium

If you wish to attain viral visibility for your event, create a compelling campaign that evangelizes your event on its own.

Today, with plenty of information on the Internet, search engines have created algorithms to rank higher only those pages and content that offer incredible insights and ideas.

In other words, your content must be engaging, credible and memorable for the reader. This is a chance to showcase your brand expertise and give it the spotlight it deserves.

To have a pervasive online reach, you should: 

  • Find a distinct characteristic of your brand or the event you’re hosting and put a creative spin on it.
  • Create a specific hashtag and connect a few keywords that relate to your event title or purpose.
  • Use these hashtags and keywords throughout your online content, including your landing page, brand website, event descriptions, adverts, social media posts, and every event promotion material. 

This will help the search engine to connect you with your target audience better and faster. Also, a consistent narrative throughout multiple forms of content allows the audience recognize your brand seamlessly, enforcing better visibility.

4. Make Use of Online Tools

A few decades back, hosting and marketing your event could take days and weeks to plan.

Now, the availability of technology and online tools has cut short this process to a day’s work.

These are some of the things you can do:

  • Identify the most relevant keywords for your event promotion content through tools like Moz, SEMrush, XML, KeywordSpy, Google and so on.
  • Schedule specific posts and social media ads at certain times with the help of Hootsuite.
  • Use content management systems (CMS) by HubSpot and Tint. The tint will help you curate content, create captivating CTAs & hashtags and gain rights of any visual content by influencers.

And you can further increase your productivity by automating all the event promotion tasks by using Zapier or by cleverly assigning them to your team through Asana.

Various digital marketing and automation tools have made life easier for marketers. You can employ these tools for repetitive and mechanical tasks and focus on the big picture to get the most out of the event on the field.

5. The Post-Event Online Branding

As we established before, the event is organized to put your name out there and get some fantastic business opportunities.

While you will surely obtain several leads and potential customers at the event, you can generate even more by using the event as an anchor afterwards to start conversations online. 

And this will also feed into an excellent reputation for the event itself, making it an authentic phenomenon in your industry.

For post-event marketing, these are some of the things you can do:

  • Record and document testimonials of your brand’s products and services by users and attendees at the event.
  • Post the ones highlighting how a feature of your offering solved a specific problem of theirs.
  • Share the audio-visual content where industry leaders or prominent personalities might have shared a critical insight about your industry on your social media handles. By giving them a shout out, you could further increase your brand rapport amongst the customers and the community.

Consistent branding through SEO-optimized content focussed on a critical deliverable that coincides with your audience’s needs and concerns will uplift your brand and event visibility. This is how you will turn small business conferences or community meetings into globally acclaimed seminars and huge events.

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