3 Ways Webinar Is Useful to Improve E-commerce SEO?

Insight | June 30, 2022

Webinars have become an essential part of creating online marketing strategies for businesses. And the e-commerce sector can benefit the most from it.

To consistently acquire new customers and satisfy the existing ones, an e-commerce business needs world-class SEO techniques. Conducting useful webinars is one such technique to build on-page SEO and reach more people.

Here are 3 ways webinars help e-commerce businesses in their SEO tactics:

1. Enhance Trust & Authority in Your Niche

Through hour-long webinars, you get a chance to share your domain expertise and competence with your audience. You can connect with them on a deeper level. And this constant knowledge-sharing over time helps you establish thought leadership in your niche.

E-commerce consumers are always looking for product demonstrations, how-to’s, tips & tricks on various products. They need to feel sure that the desired outcome will satisfy their needs. Webinars can tap into this need and provide detailed live guides and tutorials on understanding a product better.

Those businesses who help their customers know the product in a friendly way win them. They establish credibility. This creates greater trust and recognition for that brand as word-of-mouth takes off through social media sharing and community forums.

2. Increase The External Links on Website

All the online promotion efforts you take before, during, and after the webinar significantly impact your search ranking. The impressions, likes, comments, and shares create multiple external links. This, in turn, leads to increased organic traffic on your website.

In addition to this, you can use the webinar video itself as shareable content on your social media or blog. Small 2–5-minute videos are the most viewed content of all time. Everyone finds time to watch them in their coffee breaks.

When others share your blogs, posts, and webinar content all over the internet, crawlers create a denser network of external links. This empowers your SEO on the SERPs, resulting in more customers finding your brand.

3. Generate Real-time Leads and Loyalty

Webinars bring your target audience closer to you. They readily share their contacts, emails, preferences, and needs with you. They are willing to invest in your brand as you have helped them or at least made an effort by conducting a helpful webinar.

You can introduce special and exclusive offers on your products at the end of the webinar. A significant chunk of your audience will show some interest, if not all. As your content is valuable and engaging, they might end up buying your product as well.

Webinars enable regular interactions with your target audience and customers. It makes them feel connected with your brand as a person who can guide them through a specific problem. This creates long-term relationships and enforces customer loyalty.

Visual content is almost always more effective than written content. And well-organized webinars revealing practical information create brand awareness online.

Further, you can convert the leads and prospects into your loyal customers by showcasing your expertise and helping them through your products. This is one of the best ways to improve SEO and increase compliance in the e-commerce space.

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