City Innovates

A Digital Performance Marketing Agency

That Drives Change And Exceptional Growth For Its Clients

Proudly independent, City Innovates maintain teams of people who are innovators and doers. In a digital world that is continuously changing, our teams look ahead to what’s next, what’s better.

We are the Performance Marketing Company of today and tomorrow.

The goal of our Digital And Performance Marketing services is to put your company's name, its products, and services in front of your target market. We find the best places across the internet to demonstrate the value of your company to both new and existing clients. For this some of our strategies include -

Right Place Right Time

With the just right message, in the appropriate creative, and at the right moment, you can reach and connect with your audience.

Pay Per Click

Pay per click (often abbreviated as PPC) is a form of bidding that enables you to connect with both new and recurring clients at precisely the right time. It is well recognised for its application in search engine marketing, such as Google AdWords and Bing Ads. We make sure that every penny you spend is put to good use by utilising a creative combination of keyword bidding, bid changes, geographic location, and more to reach the right users at the right moment, when they need it most.

Social Media Advertising

Growing your social media following requires more effort than sporadically sharing pictures and hoping for the best. We can interact with your users in a place that they visit more frequently than any other digital platform by using social media as a doorway to them. Through social media advertising, you can break through the clutter and connect with your audience, keeping them up to date on all the newest developments at your company.

Content Marketing services.

We approach content marketing strategically, putting your company's goals first to create the best possible concoction of digital content strategies. To help you reach your objectives, we collaborate with top brands to create comprehensive, performance-driven digital content. Each of the services we offer for content marketing is supported by thorough market and competitive research as well as expert knowledge of the sector.

Why Choose Us?

We deliver innovation

We work to expand the boundaries of what is feasible. We are among the leading Performance Marketing Companies that provides the dynamic strategies that India's top businesses expect and deserve in a digital-first environment. We are a committed partner, not a technological add-on: specialists, not generalists. It is everything that a digital product should be, and more.

We deliver results

Beyond just the channel solutions, we strive to find solutions to business issues. We always take a data-first approach, focusing on broad ideas that can be applied across a variety of media.

We hire the best talents

We strongly believe that our employees will be the future pioneers in digital marketing. They actively collaborate with clients to address any obstacles to success, including development hurdles, product/catalog problems, and onsite conversion.

We exercise a relentless pursuit of growth

Our work culture maintains a strict no-tolerance policy on complacency. As your partner, we are tenacious in our search for fresh approaches and chances that will accelerate the expansion of your business.

Performance marketing is a unique marketing strategy where you only pay upon the completion of a specific action like a click, a lead, or a sale. Performance marketing can help you devise the ideal marketing campaign to drive actions that result in clear, measurable outcomes. As you pay only for successful transactions, the ROI achieved through performance marketing is higher when compared to other traditional forms of marketing. City Innovates is a leading web development company that provides you best in industry performance marketing services. Our strategies accommodate your business requirements in designing campaigns to improve your brand awareness and market reach.


In Digital performance marketing, brands only pay marketing service providers after their business goals have been achieved or after specified actions, such a click, sale, or lead, have been taken.

Various metrics to measure digital marketing performance includes-
  • Total Website Visits
  • Traffic by Channels
  • Inbound Links to Website
  • Number of New Visitors vs Number of Return Visitors
  • Interactions per Visit
  • Bounce Rate
  • Exit Rate
  • Mobile Traffic
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Cost per Visitor (CPV)
  • Revenue per Visitor (RPV)
  • Cost per Conversion
  • Cost per Acquisition
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Engagement Rate

The most common traffic sources for a website include:
  • Direct visitors: the people who type the URL directly to explore your website
  • Organic visitors: people that arrive at your website through a search engine tool
  • Referrals: people who arrive at your website via clicking on a link
  • email: people who arrive at your website via email marketing, such as campaigns, newsletters, etc
  • Social media visitors: people who access your website using social media platforms
  • Paid visitors: visitors that found your content via search engine advertisements