Top 10 Video Marketing strategies to watch for in 2022

Insight | June 30, 2022

Videos have become vital to mainstream digital marketing.

83% of marketers have confirmed that videos bring them better ROIs. And this statistic is undoubtedly going to rise in 2022.

Here are our picks on the top 10 video marketing strategies to follow in 2022.

1. Be authentic

The internet is rife with videos and content for users to consume. How do you ensure your content stands out?

Be authentic. People don’t buy things; they go for emotions. And if you want to evoke the right emotions to drive sales, you have to find your voice and imbue your video with it.

2. Use video and email marketing together.

Using video and email marketing together has proved to be an effective strategy for businesses looking to expand their presence.

In fact, click-through and open rates have been shown to increase by 65% and 19%, respectively, after the word “video” was added in the subject lines of emails.

3. Storytelling for brand engagement

Centring the content of your video around your story works better than making everything about the sale.

Address your audience’s needs and desires in your video to offer them something of value. This goes a long way in improving engagement.

4. Optimize video with SEO

Optimizing your video with SEO ensures Google Indexes and ranks you better, further encouraging visibility, engagement, and results.

It involves:

  • Choosing the right video hosting platform.
  • Having an excellent thumbnail image.
  • Writing an interesting video description and title.
  • Adding a transcript.

5. Include compelling and strong CTAs

Never underestimate the power of a strong call-to-action (CTA). A strong CTA is an effective CTA; it helps drive users to a particular action.

Always try to include clear CTAs in your videos or video descriptions. Make them easy to spot to get better results.

6. Make them short, sweet and humorous: most remarkable 10 seconds ever.

Users have minimal attention spans. Your videos need to have what it takes to make users stay.

Create concise videos. Convey the value you’re offering to users in crystal clear terms in the first few seconds.

7. Create videos for the entire customer journey

Be wholesome while taking advantage of videos to market yourself. Don’t restrict to videos that cater to audiences belonging to a single stage of the sales funnel.

For instance, use brand films or educational videos at the awareness stage. Switch to video emails at the middle stage and create FAQ or personalized videos at the bottom stage of the funnel. This makes for a more effective strategy.

8. Explore different platforms (IGTV, FB, YouTube)

Don’t restrict yourself to using a single platform like YouTube while creating videos. Thanks to technology, there are many platforms to choose from.

Explore Vimeo or Dailymotion, Facebook or the latest – IGTV – for your video marketing strategy in 2022.

9. Humanize your videos with voice-overs

Voice-overs do wonders for humanizing your videos and, therefore, your brand. They help establish instant connections with users.

Please don’t go for videos without voice-overs unless they have something incredibly unique to offer. Voice-overs add authenticity to your content.

10. Collaborate with influencers

Influencer marketing is the hottest trend, and you don’t want to miss taking advantage of it.

Collaborate with influencers to target well-established communities – who trust the influencers and what they recommend.

In conclusion: Why video marketing?

With an unprecedented upsurge in video consumption, it’s impossible to ignore the results video marketing can generate for your business.

Videos get you great ROIs not only because people can access them easily but because they: 

  • Evoke emotions
  • Generate brand awareness
  • Boost conversions