Magento Development

E-commerce requires a highly dynamic, interactive and responsive website with awe-inspiring look and feel and which can meet the growing demands and aspirations of new generation customers. If you are looking for designing an e-commerce website for your business and you are in search of a company which is truly an expert in the Magento website development services, your search should end with us. We are amongst the pioneers in web development using one of the most enabling platform called Magento. It was never easy for us to develop the niche competence. It required us to hire top of the shelf professionals and techies who with their years of niche experience have evolved superior teams which continue to research and innovate new ways of using technology, particularly Magento to enable us give our clients’ top quality e-commerce websites.

The main focus areas are as follows:-

  • Customizing web development through PHP open source scripting
  • Developing server-side and CGI application
  • Integrating SAPI (Server Application Programming Interface) and ISAPI (and Internet Server Application Programming Interface) for web servers
  • In PHP, integrating (CLI) SAPI for command-line scripting
  • Developing PHP applications for PHP APIs and cross-platform and desktops
  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) programming through PHP-GTK (Gimp Toolkit) extension
  • PHP for Windows, Linux, RISC OS, Mac, cloud computing, Internet Information Services, Apache and web servers
  • Programming in PHP through customized combinations of web server, OS (Operating System), procedural programming and OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
  • Integrating WDDX (Web Distributed Data Exchange) and PHP to help in exchanging complex date and construct language-independent data structures
  • Programming support for different PHP outputs such as HTML, XML, XHTML, text, images, PDF, GIFs, Flash movies, and other content
  • Development of web applications enabled with the database, which is inclusive of DBA (Database Abstraction), PDO (PHP Data Objects), IBM DM2, ODBC (Open Database Connectivity), Informix, dBase, MySQL, MSSQL Mongo, MongoDB, SQLite, Sybase, PostgreSQL, FrontBase, dbx, etc.

We offer a wide array of services depending on the requirements of each client!

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